I have been sewing quilts for over 2 years. It began with the desire to sew a patchwork plaid quilt. Since the first independent steps did not bring satisfactory results, I signed up for a course at the Patchwork School. There, during one of the classes, I got to know the application technique. It immediately turned out that it is something for me, as it is easy for me to work in this technique. Back at home I started to experiment and after several attempts, I came to the conclusion that this technique could be used to make a portrait as well. And that's how my first patchwork portrait - "Ula" was made. I made it for the "Feeling Orange" competition. 

To me, Art Quilt is a combination of painting and sewing. Once the project is prepared on paper, a "painting" part is done, which consists of choosing fabrics. You have to find a piece of fabric in every single shade of color you need, cut out the desired shape - it is definitely more difficult than mixing paints on a palette. This is the stage in which the canvas is created. The second extremely artistic part of the project is sewing, quilting and embroidering. Details of the portrait created at this stage determine its character. This is the final sketch of the line. 

In my works I use used fabrics - clothes and other utility fabrics. On one hand, it is the use of resources in accordance with the zero-waste principle - it is a shame to throw away if you can use it. On the other hand, it is difficult to find as many colours and textures in stores as can be found among industrially sewn clothes. 

Sometimes I dye fabrics but I do not do it for a specific project, I treat it rather as an adventure. I keep looking for new techniques, I improvise, combine, mix - therefore I can never predict the effects of dyeing. 

Sewing artquilings is a huge adventure that combines many other artistic disciplines.


"Dream of the Sahara - exhibition of pictorials from Morocco", Warsaw, Klubokawiarnia Jaś and Małgosia, opening on December 2, 2018, my patchwork "In the Hassan's tent" accompanied by a photo exhibition by Dorota Chojnowska and Selim Saffarini from the blog "So beautiful world - dare to dream." My patchwork was based on one of the photographs presented at the exhibition.

"White and Red", Rybnik, Teatr Ziemi Rybnickiej, opening 10 October 2018, I presented 2 small works, post-competition exhibition, 2nd place in the category of small works for the portrait "Dad"

"Open Academy - adults for art. 2nd edition - Summer ", Warsaw, Academy of Fine Arts building, opening 3 September 2018, exhibition of works after the summer course in the field of drawing, painting, graphics, sculpture and textiles. I presented batik created under the watchful eye of prof. Sadley,

"World of fabrics and colors - Patchwork in Bolesławiec", Bolesławiec, Bolesławiecki Center of Culture - International Center of Ceramics, opening April 14, 2018, I presented "Learning to ride a bike"

"Spontaneous exhibition of patchwork", Warsaw, 7 August 2017, spontaneous exhibition with a spontaneous competition, 3rd place for the portrait of "Gabi"

"Feeling Ornge", Warsaw, Centr of Creativity Targowa, March 2017, post-competition exhibition organized on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Fiskars scissors, I presented a portrait of "Ula"